Month: March 2015

Questions to consider about Office365

Office365 – hmm…??

It looks cheap … All the other kids are doing it … The Microsoft rep said it is awesome … I can shave some costs today …

  1. Multi-tenet only – no dedicated cloud environment, virtually provisioned and isolated.
  2. SLA = 99.9% (availability only, not performance)– Dial tone SLA only. Service up = Web browser to inbox, send/receive only. Not measured for your phone or Outlook client.

    – Data protection SLA? No guarantee there is actually mail in your inbox.

    – Major outages in 2014

  3. Feature / Functionality – Auto update – No control about when or what changes occur.
  4. Email integrated 3rd party apps most likely won’t work– FAX solutions, Legal dept solutions (client/matter), eDiscovery solutions
  5. Not all functions work when federated– Delegated access, send on behalf, resource scheduling (conf rooms, projectors)
  6. Customer IP protection?– Can Microsoft mine your data for advertising? Google does…
  7. eDiscovery process– If you have a litigation event, how do you find the legal records (aka emails) and maintain chain of custody?
  8. Price – when can Microsoft raise?
  9. Back out process?– How do you go back to full on-premise if you don’t like the service?


  • Deploy hybrid Exchange … and keep hybrid environment long term
  • Clearly understand the license agreement … You are now subscription based, don’t miss a payment or your Excel will turn off on your laptop …
  • Perform a 6 year financial analysis … Subscription is more expensive versus Perpetual licenses over time
  • Understand your strategic Cloud roadmap …  Are you whole hog Microsoft (Hyper-V, System Center, Azure, o365) or are you a VMware shop?

Tactical decisions made today (based on a price point) equates to a long term strategic decision tomorrow …

Which road will take you to your 3rd platform? Microsoft can, but so can others..

I’m not saying “Don’t go to Office365”,

but rather approach this decision with eyes wide open and good dose of skepticism…

You must choose, but choose wisely…