Month: May 2016

Required reading for MS SQL DBAs

Avoid being mislicensed and pass the Microsoft audit.

Also, leverage those SA benefits for SQL..

  • SQL 2012

  • SQL 2014


Office 365 – Microsoft doesn’t do backup

It is a shock to many customers to find out that Microsoft is not backing up their email in O365…

There are several third party utilities out there to backup Office 365.

EMC’s solution is called Spanning…

Spanning can backup Emails, Calendar appointments, and OneDrive.

Regardless of what Microsoft says about this topic, I would always recommend backing up your data…


Back at it for my blog…

After a long hiatus from updating this blog, I’m committed to keeping it updated.

I plan to take the content that I regularly use to present to my customers and publish it into small video updates.

I plan to talk about:

Microsoft SQL – AAG, Virtualization, Performance, D/R, and Licensing

Microsoft 2016 updates


check back soon for the new content…