TechEd2014 : OneDrive for Business

My notes from the session OneDrive for Business

75% of businesses allow personal devices, Only 25% have a BYOD policy

Productivity versus Compliance

File/Sync/Share – Very similar to SyncPlicity

All my files in one place

1TB of storage

anywhere access

Sync client – various clients

Office client integration <- Cool feature

Co-authoring <- This is really cool. Being to see other authors updates on a document in realtime

Easy sharing

Search & Discovery



Admin Control

Part of SharePoint and O365

File upload size 2GB

Automatic versioning

Post to Yammer

“Shared with me” view

Which version should I use?

SharePoint features update every 3 years

O365 updates very frequently

HIPAA certified

Custom apps can be developed on top of OneDrive

Site Folders – Team site document libraries

Recycle Bin

Recent Documents – across all office clients that you use <- Cool feature.

Launch “new” documents from O365

Rich preview from O365 <- Cool feature.

Edit from O365 with co-authoring in real time ( you can see the other person edits live) <- Awesome feature.

External sharing is optional via policy

Post to Yammer – can limit to groups and users

Search – my docs and shared with me

Workflows, Check in/out, workflows – just like in SharePoint

Email with attachment or link to doc with Outlook in O365

Code name Oslo “Office Graph” – New Search and Discovery across all Office content, includes edits, comments, trending, liked, relationships, adheres to permissions (only shows content that I have access to)

Coming Soon:

Document Conversations

Mac Sync Client

Native Android app



Encryption at Rest

Oslo + Office Graph

New Admin panel for SharePoint on-premise

Pricing – Standalone offering $2.50/user/month, 1TB per user, includes Office Online

Part of Office365 ProPlus